Let Us All Our Voices Raise is an ongoing workshop sequence designed to broaden the range of voices engaged in oral history practice and to support the emergence of oral histories from diverse groups of narrators underrepresented in our field and in our archives.

Part of a three-year initiative, the workshops will deepen our training with a combination of interview tools/techniques and specialized education around subjects including but not limited to memory loss, trauma, addiction, adolescence, cross-cultural interviewing, and chronic pain. We will challenge ourselves to focus on legal, ethical, and social challenges that have limited our practice, historically.

By combining two to three foci in each workshop, we’ll expand the discussion beyond a particular group, characteristic, or disability—to think more generally about the flexibility (and limitations) of the oral history model we have been offered.

Our first workshop centered on Memory Loss and Mixed Ability Interviewing (OHSS 2015). Our 2016 intensive workshops will include mini-workshops with a focus on youth narrators (Hudson) and trauma/testimony (Chicago).