Ripe with untold intimacies, Hudson is a town in transition, marked with monuments to its past and future. In two square miles, you’ll find a prison, community garden, farmer’s market, community radio station, mosque, an auction house, several music venues, the regional etsy headquarters, wood and metal shops, housing projects, and an abandoned tennis club that was slated to be the future home of Marina Abramovic’s performance art center.

Recognized as one of the most significant architectural towns in the country, Hudson is also a town of disparity. 21.8% of the town’s 7500 residents live below the poverty line. All of this makes Hudson an ideal setting to discuss how oral history can not only record the past but shape the future.

OHSS aspires to contribute to our community by offering free public programming, broadening public discourse, initiating community conversations and by amplifying oft unheard voices. We partner with local organizations including Solaris, Staley B Keith Social Justice Center, the Social Justice Leadership Academy, Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7 FM, Basilica Hudson, Time & Space Limited, Camphill Ghent, and Hudson Opera House. You can read more about our Oral History Summer School friends and family, here. In 2019, Oral History Summer School will open its collection of narratives and songs to the public as an audio archive.

Oral History Summer School offers scholarship and work/trade opportunities, annually, to local participants who plan to use oral history for community projects