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Poetry, Narrative and Trauma: Jesse Brown VA Hospital + OHSS + Poetry Foundation + Cheryl Pope

This creative writing workshop investigates traumatic experience and memory through poetry and storytelling. Together, we will read and discuss poems from a wide range of combat veteran poets, such as Wilfred Owen, Yusef Komunyakaa, and Brian Turner. Participants will compose original poems that investigate experience and memory as a vehicle for addressing, understanding, and healing from trauma.

In the afternoon, participants will expand their writing through physical movement and expression. We'll end our day with a brief oral history-based training, exploring the ways we can use our silence, gaze, breath and voice to deepen our experiences as storytellers and as listeners. Lunch will be provided for participants. This is a four-way collaboration between Oral History Summer School, The Jesse Brown VA Hospital, the Poetry Foundation, and artist Cheryl Pope.

This workshop is closed to registration outside of patients and staff at the Jesse Brown VA Hospital.